We have large experience vetting sportshorses of all disciplines and levels as well as hunters and pleasure horses.

Pre-purchase examinations with or without radiography/ultrasound/endoscopic examinations are performed on the yard.

  • 2 Stage Pre Purchase Examination
  • 5 Stage Pre Purchase Examination

A pre-purchase examination (vetting) is made up of 5 stages and is performed to determine whether the horse or pony has any lameness or medical problems that may influence its suitability for a certain use.

  • Stage1: Clinical Examination
  • Stage 2: Walking & Trotting up
  • Stage 3: Exercise Phase
  • Stage 4: Rest Phase
  • Stage 5: Repeat Trot up

2 stage pre-purchase examinations may be more appropriate in certain situations but are more limited and the vet will form an opinion based on a restricted set of findings. The purchaser will be requested to sign a ‘Limited Prior to Purchase Examination Form” confirming and accepting the limitations of a 2 stage examination.

Radiographic assessment, ultrasound examination and/or endoscopy can be performed by our vets at the time of vetting should this be required by the purchaser or insurance company.